Hamilton & Woodstock Auto Wreckers

Pic N Save is a used automobile parts store with locations in Hamilton and Woodstock, Ontario.

Pic N Save specializes in selling high-quality recycled automobile parts at discounted rates. Be it in Hamilton or Woodstock, we aim to provide our customers with a helpful and enjoyable shopping experience that cannot be found anywhere else. Our environmentally friendly recycling process saves energy and resources while reducing the amount of landfill space required to store our parts.

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Pic N Save is now offering a full service removal of large mechanical parts such as engines and transmissions. Please call (905) 312-0777 in Hamilton or (519) 539 5777 in Woodstock for rates and details.


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Remember! Remember, it's Pic N Save. Not Pick and Save, Pic and Save, Pik and Save, Scratch n' Sniff, etc.